About Us

Who I Am And Why I Care.

Hello, I’m Diane. I am 42 years old, self-employed, a housewife, mother, and a very busy lady. I created this website as a way to motivate and inspire myself and others who living with type 2 diabetes.

For those who want a positive, sustainable approach to controlling their type 2 diabetes, This is definitely the right place.

Don’t Poke Me is an organization with a simple mission: to encourage, educate, support and inspire anyone who desires to live a healthier lifestyle by gaining control over their body chemistry.

I believe everyone in any situation can do things that will affect their health positively. Even the smallest actions can lead down a healthier path.

I believe living healthy does not mean eating bland food no one would like, starvation diets, or living life as a slave to drugs, insulin or needles.

Nor do I believe in gimmicky programs that do not work, too good to be true pills or expensive supplements.

I believe a healthy lifestyle can be achieved through simple, straightforward steps.

I’m passionate about staying on top of the latest health research and programs. About finding ways to translate that knowledge into actions that anyone can take to make healthy decisions one day at a time.

I believe in normalizing blood sugar, reducing or eliminating neuropathy pain, and getting free of drugs, pills, and injections, naturally.

Don’t Poke Me is all about trying to help everyone live a healthy lifestyle that is fun, feels great, tastes great, and most importantly, is sustainable for life.